How to take advantage of VRBO renewal promotions

VRBO Logo1 How to take advantage of VRBO renewal promotions

If you do not currently use VRBO to advertise your vacation property, or if you are trying it out for the first time, here is something to consider.

If you’re unsure about initiating a new listing or renewing with VRBO, keep in mind that they offer a “Satisfaction Guarantee” for first-year subscribers. Here’s how it works:



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Curt Tudor is the founder of Rentallect, Inc. which produces software for Vacation Rental Marketing, Analytics, Inquiry Management and CRM. He is also an owner of a Vacation Rental Condo in Beaver Creek Colorado, as well as another overlooking Grand Father Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

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  • Why is the satisfaction guarantee only for first-year subscribers?  This leaves the system open for abuse where VRBO can favor and promote first-year subscribers in order to fulfil the requirement while second-year and subsequent subscribers’ listings do not perform.

    Even if they are not abusing the system as described, above, shouldn’t they offer a perpetual “performance guarantee”?  What makes a first-year subscriber’s property different?

    [ Yes, I do understand that they do this to give a “level of comfort” to new subscribers; but that’s not my point — my point is that, if they’re confident in their ability to drive bookings, then they should be willing to put their money where their mouth is for all subscribers regardless of how many years old the listings are. ]


    • As mentioned in my reply above, If I hear back from them, I will post the information I gather.

  • Does their deal also work for Homeaway? My VRBO listings performed well, by my Homeaway listings did not. Is Philip Hedges just with VRBO, or does he handle sales for all 3 of the websites?

    • I asked myself similar questions.  I called, got voice-mail, left a message with my questions and a call-back number.  Didn’t hear anything.  Called again, got voice-mail again…  If I do eventually hear back from them, I will post the information I gather.

  • I have advertised on VRBO for 8 years and a couple of years ago, I decided to stop the auto-renewal process. Instead I pay by personal check. This year VRBO has made so many changes, that have affected the rental owners in a negative way, that I decided not to renew at the highest tier level. I had always paid top dollar in the past, but found out that VRBO is now offering 10 other properties when someone inquires about my rental property. I’m not paying for someone to advertise 10 other properties along with mine. The thing is, because I paid my renewal almost a month before it was due, and dropped to the lowest tier level, VRBO cut me short on last year’s subscription. I was ranked third in my area and, because I sent a check and paid early, they dropped me right away and I lost over two weeks of prime advertising that I had already paid. VRBO  Is that what you call a deal? It’s a total ripoff!

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