Vacation Rental Analytics: Group/Party Size

What is the ideal party-size for your rental? Do you know? More importantly, do your prospective guests know? For the sake of discussion, let’s assume the perfect number of people you can accommodate is 4. Do you know what percentage of your inquiries are indeed from a group with a party-size of 4? Or 3? Or 8?

The point I’m making is that if a high (or inappropriate percentage) of guests who are inquiring about your property are indicating they need accommodations for something higher than 4, then you might have a problem with how your property is presented on the various channels you use to promote it.

We recently released a new analytics chart that was requested by a member of the Rentallect user community — it can illuminate what you need to know about party-size.

The video below gives a demo showing it in action.




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Curt Tudor is the founder of Rentallect, Inc. which produces software for Vacation Rental Marketing, Analytics, Inquiry Management and CRM. He is also an owner of a Vacation Rental Condo in Beaver Creek Colorado, as well as another overlooking Grand Father Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

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