How Organic Search Rankings Impact Inquiries

Search has changed over the years, from results page redesigns to algorithm tweaks. For those of us leveraging a private website as part of our vacation rental marketing mix, organic search remains an important focus, and is a critical tool to drive traffic to our websites.

Research from SEO services firm Slingshot SEO gives us new benchmarks for the click value of high-ranking keywords.

Slingshot SEO found that click-through rates (CTR) dropped from 18.2% in first position to 10.05% in second position to 7.22% in third position, and continued to diminish thereafter. Overall, just over half of search users click on an organic result on the first page, and more than half of those choose the first or second link.


click through rates How Organic Search Rankings Impact Inquiries



We probably all knew this already, but the study proves that the value of having a high-ranking search result on the first page of Google results is huge. The lion’s share of search traffic will go to just a few terms on the front page.

There is also added value from maintaining these high-ranking keywords — and the valuable, attractive content they represent — in driving traffic from less-searched, longer terms.

Long-tail CTR should not be ignored. By creating high quality relevant content, and social signals, you can have a powerful internet marketing strategy that is based on more than just click-through rates from a primary keyword.


long tail ctr How Organic Search Rankings Impact Inquiries


Marketing Takeaway

Do you have a vacation rental blog? If so, well done — and you should keep at it! The more content you have in the Google indexes the better.

Target the keywords relevant to the area your vacation rental is in, the activities people like to take part in while in your area, the local restaurants, etc. Use some of the available SEO tools to help you improve your rankings in the search results.

Potential guests use search to find their lodging. This is well-known. The closer to the top of the search results your pages are for keywords related to your rental, the more likely they will click-through to your site, and the more likely they will send you an inquiry.

Producing content, and managing your SEO, is not trivial. We get that. However, it’s free (except for your time), and your efforts will continue to pay off forever.




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